The scope of the topic of the article at the Symposium of the Inter-University Transportation Study Forum (FSTPT) XXI & ISTSDC 2019 is as follows:

  1. The Latest Technology in Transportation and Infrastructure System
  2. Land Use and Sustainable Transportation
  3. Social and Enviromental Aspects of Transportation
  4. Transportation Safety and Emergency Response
  5. Design and Structural Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure
  6. Traffic Engineering and Management
  7. Operation dan Maintenance of Transportation and Infrastructure System Economics and Finance in Transportation
  8. Transportation and Logistics
  9. Policy, Regulation and Management of Transportation
  10. Geotecnic and Materials of Infrastructure for Sustainable Transportation Sea and River Transportation
  11. Transportation Infrastructure in Supporting Tourism
  12. Transport of Rivers, Lakes and Ferriage
  13. Port Engineering and Shiping
  14. Railways Engineering and Management