If you are interested in sending and presenting your paper or planning to participate in the 22nd FSTPT National Symposium at the University of Haluloleo Kendari, please first create an account at the following link:

— Application—

To find out the guidelines or how to register / submit and send papers using the FSTPT Management System you can click the following link:

— Guideline —

The FSTPT 2019 Management System account has facilities such as:

  1. Submitting Papers
  2. Receive the results of the review paper
  3. Submitting the final version of the paper
  4. Register as a participant in the symposium & workshop to be held
  5. Receive invoices that must be paid before the symposium
  6. Upload proof of payment and receive your payment receipt
  7. Receive a QR code for registration / registration at the 2019 FSTPT location
  8. Receive participation certificates in downloadable electronic forms

Collection of Papers

There is no abstract collection at the symposium.You are asked to immediately collect the full paper.The activity website provides a FSTPT paper format that can be downloaded in the docx format.Use this template to write your paper.At the beginning of collecting the paper you are asked to empty the author’s information on the paper.This is intended to speed up the blind review process.Each shipment of papers in electronic form must include complete author information (name and institution) must be included.If your paper is accepted, you are asked to send the final version of your paper.At that time you are asked to submit the author’s information to the paper.

The name of the account owner on the activity website is directly connected to the name that will appear on the participant’s certificate.Therefore, please use your personal account to submit your paper, for example, you are the main author or second author of the paper and you intend to be a presenter at the symposium.It is not recommended to send someone else’s paper using your account.

You can send more than one paper but please consider if all of your papers are accepted and asked to present the two papers.All accepted papers will be collected and electronic copies (files) of all papers will be distributed to all symposium participants.Only accepted papers presented at the symposium will be included in the FSTPT Proceedings or have the opportunity to be published in the FSTPT Transportation Journal.

Acceptance of Results of Review Papers

After sending the paper successfully, your paper will go through a peer-review process.When the process is complete, you will receive the status of your paper (both accepted or rejected), including some comments for improvement.Please enter the website regularly to check the reviewers’ decisions on the paper.The Important Date page provides an estimate of the period of review of the paper and the date of the announcement of the results of the review

Collection of Final Version Papers

The final version of the paper is sent to us via the website using your personal account. This is done after you have revised the paper you received in accordance with the comments and suggestions submitted by your reviewer. In addition you are asked to write down all information relating to the author in the paper.

Registration for Participants at the Symposium

Registration of participants for all symposium-related events will be open from August 1 to September 30 (2 weeks before the day of the symposium). Please note that sending papers that are ready only does not guarantee a position to present your paper.To present it, you still have to register as a symposium participant.

Those who want to attend the symposium without presenting a paper are also required to register as participants.In addition to the symposium, workshops and social programs held on 11 and 13 October each require separate registration if you choose to participate.All of this can be done easily and conveniently through the website.

Please note that each of the independent workshop events is limited in number. You can monitor the number of seats that are still available through your personal account. Because of the limited seating capacity, registration for workshops is carried out on the basis of who he is able to get.

Please note that each of the independent workshop events is limited in number. You can monitor the number of seats that are still available through your personal account. Because of the limited seating capacity, registration for workshops is carried out on the basis of who he is able to get.

Receipt of Invoices Must Be Paid During the Symposium

Invoices will be obtained automatically through the website according to the registration you selected. Information about the amount to be paid and the bank account number included in the invoice. We strongly recommend that you complete payment no later than September 30, 2019 (about 2 weeks before the symposium).

Upload Payment Proof and Receive Payment Receipts

After payment is completed, you are asked to upload proof of payment in the image format (.jpg) on your account. This will greatly help us in confirming your payment and sending your payment receipt electronically. Printable payment receipts will appear in your account after we verify your payment.

Receive a Unique QR Code for Verification

After the payment is successful and verified, the website automatically generates a QR code (2-dimensional barcode) for each event where you are registered as a participant. You will be asked to show the code at the registration desk in place for scanning and verification. For a symposium, each successful submission of paper will produce a QR code. Please show the code to the organizing committee before your presentation for scanning and verification.

Receive Participant Certificate in Electronic Form

Printable participation certificates for each event where you are registered will be given to your account which has been electronically signed by the Chairperson of the FSTPT and the Chancellor of Haluoleo University. For speakers, an electronic certificate will be made for each paper presented.