The Symposium of the Inter-University Transportation Study Forum (FSTPT) is an annual routine activity held alternately in various Universities in Indonesia in order to encourage increased interaction and communication between fellow students, teaching staff and researchers in various Universities in Indonesia involved in educational / teaching activities, research and community service in the field of transportation.

One of the main agenda of FSTPT is to hold symposiums both nationally and internationally. This symposium is a forum for academics, bureaucrats and practitioners to present the results of their thoughts and research in the field of transportation.

In the implementation of the XXII Symposium in 2019, FSTPT collaborated with the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Haluoleo University, located in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi. Indonesia

Indonesia has a huge tourism potential, so now the Government is actively promoting various tourist destinations in Indonesia with the slogan “Wonderful Indonesia”. One of the tourist destinations in Indonesia is Kendari City. Kendari City is one of the tourist destinations frequented by both domestic and international tourists. Kendari has a lot of coastal tourism potential, but the infrastructure that is available is not entirely good quality service. The same thing does not only happen in Kendari City, but also in various regions in Indonesia.

In order to improve the integration and quality of transportation infrastructure services in Indonesia in general and in Kendari City in particular, the themes that will be carried out at the XXII FSTPT Symposium are:

“Integration of Regional and City Transportation Supporting the Development of Sustainable Tourism”